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Are you interested in learning some basic sign language?  Learning sign language is a fun and you could really use it for a lot of instances such as trying to communicate to deaf people.  Here is a sign language guide that will help you some intricate but pretty basic sign language hand signs and shapes.

Hello – with this word, hold your hand up, palm outwards, to your forehead like a salute but not as rigid, and then wave your hand outward so your palm facing forward just a few inches from your forehead.  Welcome is another helpful sign language guide.  Just place your palm facing inwards touching your forehead and then move your hand down in an arc towards the middle of your chest.

Another easy to learn sign language guide is the 5 Ws and 1 H.  This helps you establish your sign language foundation and enables you to learn other sign languages far easier than the usual.

Who – place your right hand in the shape of an L on your chin touching with the thumb then move your hand forward slightly twice.  This makes it look like you are pointing at the person whom you are talking to.  Another very easy to remember sign language is “What.” With “What”, raise your palms face up and shrug your shoulders.  When – point your left index finger straight up and use the index finger of the right hand to illustrate or draw a circle in a clockwise motion around the left finger.

Where – wave your left index finger in the air left and right.  Why – place your right hand fingers on your forehead then bring your hand down and away from your face while curling your fingers to make the sign of a letter “Y.”Finally, with “How”, you start with the outside of your fingers touching the fingers of your other hand.  Your finger tips should be pointing towards your chest, and then rotate your hands up and out so that your palms turn face up towards you.  Your palms should be facing up with finger tips pointing out and away from you.

The abovementioned sign language guides are just basic ones.  Remember that there are a lot more of them that you need to learn if you really are interested with sign languages.

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